How to choose a good accountant for your business?

accountant for your business

Are you new to the world of entrepreneurship or are you practicing a liberal profession and you hesitate to get help from an accountant? The idea of ​​managing the accounts yourself may at first seem interesting. However, it is important to know how to delegate tasks. In addition, accounting and good financial management are of paramount importance to effectively run a business.

Choose a professional affiliated with a recognized organization

Above all, it is recommended to look for your accountant in the databases of the IEC (Institute of Chartered Accountants and Tax Advisors), the IPCF (Professional Institute of Chartered Accountants and Tax Advisors) or the ITAA (Institute for Tax Advisors). and Accountants). The fact that your accountant is affiliated with one of these two organizations guarantees his expertise and reliability. You will be assured of not dealing with an amateur.

Spread word of mouth

It is often said that the best technique for finding qualified people is word of mouth. Try to seek advice around you, perhaps from entrepreneurs who have already been in a situation similar to yours. This will allow you to have specific feedback from people who have already been there.

It will also be necessary to clarify from the start the expected missions. Indeed, some accountants only offer relatively simple accounting services via spreadsheets. An experienced chartered accountant is a real partner who takes care of the annual balance sheets and bookkeeping. He also carries out various analyzes to support the company in its development and advise you on the strategy to adopt.

Thus, the service offered must also have an advisory and support dimension. It is therefore necessary to be sure to be on the same wavelength with the accountant concerning the missions to be carried out.

Check the accountant’s availability

It will be necessary to make sure of the availability rate of your accountant before hiring him. He must be able to make himself available in case of emergency and be easily reachable for any questions you may have. Be careful all the same not to abuse it since it is only an external stakeholder who also has other customers and other obligations to keep. Nevertheless, he must be able to take the time to advise you and help you manage your finances. It will therefore be necessary to ask him, for example, the number of customers he has in his portfolio before hiring him.

Prefer an accountant accustomed to your field of activity

It is better to choose an accountant who already has experience in the field of activity of your company. Choose, for example, someone who has worked with customers in the same business as you and therefore has in-depth knowledge of this subject. Thus, his experience in the field will allow him to better advise you on the strategies to adopt.

Ask for a free first meeting

It is always necessary to first request a first appointment which will cost you nothing in order to be able to meet the accountant. Indeed, by speaking directly with the person in person, you will see very quickly if he is made to work with you or not. You will be able to see how this professional behaves, if he takes the time to explain things to you, if he is motivated and attentive. It is only after this interview that you will be able to decide whether you want to hire him as an accountant or not.

How to find your accountant?

If word of mouth hasn’t worked or if you want to compare the services offered by several accountants, simply use our directory to find a professional near you. Remember to check that it belongs to one of the main professional bodies, the IEC, the IPCF and the ITAA.

How much will the services of an accountant cost?

Obtaining the services of an accountant costs a certain price. This will depend on many factors, such as the reputation of the accountant and his experience. The price will also vary according to the level of investment you request (number of tasks planned, time spent advising you, etc.) but also the legal form of your business.

Choosing an accountant is not an easy task. Indeed, it is a person to whom you will entrust the management of the finances of your company. It must therefore be a trustworthy professional, competent and attentive to your needs. Plus, an experienced accountant can really take your business to the next level.

So don’t wait any longer and look now in our directory for the accountant who will be able to make the difference.

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